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Meperidine is used to alleviate ache excessive sufficient to require opioid remedy and when different ache drugs did not paintings well enough or can not be tolerated. It belongs to the organization of drugs referred to as narcotic analgesics (ache medicines). Meperidine acts on the principal apprehensive device (CNS) to relieve ache. This medicine have to no longer be used to relieve persistent (lengthy-lasting or recurrent) pain.

Whilst meperidine is used for a long term, it may come to be addiction-forming, causing mental or bodily dependence. But, human beings who have persevering with pain need to no longer allow the fear of dependence keep them from the use of narcotics to relieve their ache. Intellectual dependence (addiction) is not possibly to arise while narcotics are used for this reason. Physical dependence may cause withdrawal aspect consequences if remedy is stopped all of sudden. However, extreme withdrawal aspect effects can generally be avoided through steadily lowering the dose over a time frame before remedy is stopped completely.

This medicine is to be had only under a restricted distribution software known as the Opioid Analgesic REMS (risk assessment and Mitigation method) software.

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50mg, 100mg


30, 60, 90


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