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Buy 100 tabs of Rivotril (Clonazepam) 2mg at $300



Rivotril (Clonazepam) 2mg

Product Description 

In Treatment of Anxiety disorder:
Rivotril 2mg Tablet stops your brain from releasing the chemicals that make you feel anxious so it can reduce the symptoms of excessive anxiety and worry. It can also reduce feelings of restlessness, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, feeling irritable and sleep problems that often come with Anxiety Disorder. It will therefore help you go about your daily activities more easily and be more productive. Keep taking this medicine even if you feel well. Stopping suddenly can cause serious problems.
In Treatment of Epilepsy/Seizures
Rivotril 2mg Tablet slows down electrical signals in the brain which cause seizures (fits). It can also help reduce symptoms such as confusion, uncontrollable jerking movements, loss of awareness, and fear or anxiety. The medicine can allow you to do some activities that you would otherwise be forbidden or scared to do (such as swimming and driving). It can take a few weeks for this medicine to work (because the dose has to be increased slowly) and during this time you may still have seizures. Do not stop using this medicine even if you feel well, until your doctor advises you to. Missing doses may trigger a seizure.


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